About Us

Mighty fine AA'ers 

We're Pilots one and all

We'll always have a wrench at hand 

 If "need repairs!" is called

Coral Sea Specialists

The other thing is that we are not into leagues or competitions. A high score is secondary to a good game, the individual is second to the team. We don't hold practices, we don't have ranks, we just play together and until recently we didn't even have matches.

It all started back in the days of Storm The Front when they hosted a number of BF1942 servers and one in particular that was dedicated to Coral Sea. Quickly a number of players became regulars on the servers and decided that they should co-operate in the course of play, fly wingman to bombers, do pickups and generally be friendly. It was nothing-official just 3 or 4 regulars who helped each other out. Eventually this was noticed and they decided that they would tag up and show the pubbies what team play meant. Over time more people were invited to tag up, at first it was other regulars on the Storm server who showed a good level of team play and over time it grew. The BFA tag has become recognised as sign of a good pilot and an outstanding team player.

Some of our members have branched out and begun to play other maps a bit more. Some of us have discovered helicopters and a whole new style of flying and as a result we have started to be challenged to matches. Unfortunately no one will play us at coral so we have had to branch out a little and start to play other maps.

We have also decided to become a bit more organised. Initially with only a few members it was easy to meet up on the Storm servers and decide what we wanted to do, then it got bigger so we opened an IRC channel, now we have server and our own website...

BFA Management