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Saturday 7 June 2008

Our server is renamed to
BFA Pilots Heaven (Modded)

Renaming due to the added and modded flying maps.
You are now able to take soaring flags in the sky during dogfights.
Use the activated mapvote to choose map.


Thursday 7 Februari 2008

Our server is moved from London to Amsterdam.
Serverhost is on both locations.

BFA Coral Sea 24/7 (Amsterdam)


Tuesday 17 April 2007

Our outdated introductory sequence is removed.


Thursday 15 June 2006

Defguns are now locked to prevent team-attacking on our Coral Server.


Tuesday 4 October 2005

In the evening a moded BFA Coral Sea 24/7 was launched on testbasis.
No assaultclass.Choose assault and you spawn engineer :-)
Infantery is autohealed on own carrier and so are planes on deck.
Flying planes can now be autohealed and rearmed when flying low over deck.
Rearming is more efficient than standard.
Changes may take place since the mod still is under tweaking.
Please express your view on changes in the topic clan server in forum.


Monday 3 October 2005

Trialserver suddenly down and kept that state.


Sunday 2 October 2005

The trialserver BFA Coral Sea 24/7 is renamed to BFA Mixed Maps.
Still no response from provider why it went down.
Can we expect more downtime?
We felt a bit safer with the trialserver as backup,
since we had no clue why it went down.
If our ordinary went down again it was just to rename trialserver
and put Coral on again.


Saturday 1 October 2005

Still no response from provider.
In the evening the Old server suddenly was online again.
Now we had 2 BFA Coral Sea 24/7 up.


Friday 30 September 2005

Still no response from provider
In the evening a trialserver as a temporary? replacement was up.
Thank you for your effort Wullie !!!
Server was renamed to the same name as old one.


Thursday 29 September 2005

Early afternoon players discovered that BFA Coral Sea 24/7 was down.
No response from provider why, and when it could be up.


Saturday 3 September 2005

US based server renamed to BFA Pilots Arena.
That server is now running a mix of maps.
Change done due to return of UK based Coral Sea 24/7.

BFA Pilots Arena


Thursday 1 September 2005

New Server up.
BFA coral Sea 24/7


Wednesday 10 August 2005

Thanks to BFA Xenian we now have another US based server. The old US based is gone.
BFA coral Sea (US)


Friday 22th July 2005

3 recruits have been granted full membership + 1 recruit is starting trial. Look further at ROSTER


Friday 8th July 2005

New temporary server is up. Thanks to BFA Xenian we now have a US based server with same name as old one.
BFA coral Sea 24/7


Friday 8th July 2005

New server is down. New provider failed to receive any payment so they took it offline. Major dilemma, treasurer having holiday in Spain.


Tuesday 5 July 2005

Server is renamed from TESTSERVER to BFA Coral Sea 24/7 , like the old one. IP . Some rules are added to announcement on screen in game. Giving players both a general info about server rules and as warning what will happen if not followed.


Monday 4 July 2005

We get answer about recent lag and connection issues is due to Internet servers rerouting.

Quote"Currently, major network routing changing are taking place in the UK systems in which all UK – Europe connections are separated from other connections to increase performance. This is likely to take several weeks, however, there is currently a temporary system in place which when becoming overloaded will result in your server pinging higher than usual. Once traffic is rerouted as it will be for the next couple of weeks things should settle."


Saturday 1 July 2005

We give the go ahead message. Server is a keeper. We had a public poll(removed) and a closed one amongst members. All that voted, voted for a yes - we keep it. No one voted against.

Tuesday 28th June 2005

BFA get a testserver from


Thursday October 21 2004

BullShark keeps bitchin about the server buts a broke jobless mofo and can pitch in but he plans on it Somebody farted on the server and heres the chat log to prove it! We have a new recruit who was such a pain in the ass we signed him up.


Monday 18th October 2004

Some Bad News: On 17/10/04 we played TC in a scrim on Wake and Bocage. Though The skies were ruled by the BFA during the Match, we lost 3-1. It was a good performance by the team considering Coral Sea wasn't allowed and many of us haven't played Bocage much. Congratulations to BFA Tump for the highest BFA Score during the match and also to BFA.I Davido having a very good Performance in his first showing for the BFA. 1st Bocage 2nd Wake


Saturday 2nd October 2004

BFA are proud to announce the launch of our own server, Totally BF Home of the BFA @ Please come along and enjoy playing with other people who love this game


Saturday 17th July 2004

Both good and bad news today, firstly I wish to congratulate one of our members on turning 28, phew what an age, at the moment he's saddled up on some motorbike burning rubber round Europe. So we'll see him in a few weeks time.
Sadly, the bad news is one of the original members of BFA has decided to part ranks, although he won't be leaving us completely. yes BFA are proud to announce Knipex (Aka Newbie-Killer) our very own hardware nerd to help out on all those little ailments within your computers.


Saturday 26th June 2004

Sometimes news just doesn't happen so we gotta make it for ourselves. Talking about making young Tump spent his pocket money and hired an expert propaganda artist take a look at the efforts. Propaganda.


Friday 4th June 2004

I have noticed alot of people complaining about beeing kicked by Punkbuster lately and BFA Member OOR WULLIE has come up with a solution. I present it here (unedited) for your information.

Guys,I was bein booted more and more frequently byunkbuster and bein banned for 2 mins. it really pissed me off bigtime. I went to our IRC channel where m3lroid and <sas> executioner told me what was up, cheers guys. It seems that punkbuster in some cases will not update automatically. If same is happening 2 you this is what I done..
Then click BF1942 in the latest PB versions box
Then click on Download beside software updates.
The click on PBWEB
I tried the "pbweb.exe" first but it never worked for me so then I saved the to my PB file, then opened it from there. You have to be online when running the zipfile. If any1 else has done this or has an easier way pls post, I have just spoke too OOGIE and he was havin same prob so there must be more out there now gettin hit with same issue. ma fekkin fingers are sair noo typin this so I hope it has helped some1.


Monday 17th May 2004

There has been no news for a while as I have been in the middle of a PC upgrade. To make up for it I decided to share my experiences in watercooling. HERE

New look forums

As some of you may have noticed we have been doing some work on skinning the forums today but we are now finished. Let me know what you all think and let me know if you have any problems. (Screen shots help)


Monday 10th May 2004

The Launch of version 2.1

Yes people we have a new look site. I told ya that if members were willing to help we could create something a little better than we had. Huge Props to AWOL and his long suffering missus for creating this work of art. Next job is to try and rework the forums. Anyone familiar with phpBB and skinning please let me know.


Sunday 9th May 2004

Big match report written by our very own Tump.

Result of the big match: (newbie) 10 - 5 (tump)

Yes people, the long awaited clash of goliath and david took place. Sean arranged a server for us, thanks for that sean and [ars]. After Tump had some difficulties with his machine he finally joined the game, and the battle was on.

It started well with Newbie shooting me right in my engine. The crowd was excited about the spectacular start and Tump requested to be silent as in tennis and removed them from the stand :P. And it was true, Tump got newbie back: 1-1.Then something terrible happened: Tump messed up with pressing the wrong cam button, he kept looking backward instead of getting back in the cockpit and was not able to recover from this. He hit the hill in the middle *shame*. 2-1 for newbie. Newbie had no mercy and while Tump was still stunned about what happened he got shot again: 3-1. Tump woke up and realised it was for real, after a failed move around the hill by newbie tump made him pay for that! 3-2

Then in a one of the most dizzy circling moves ever Tump decided to mess up the keys again and made a visit to Davey Jones Locker: 4-2. Then in the 7th round already Tump made a bad mistake in a move and newbie shot him literally against the hill, Tump ate the dirt again. 6-2. Then Tump made a little comeback by shooting newbie down, and later on steered his wreck in Newbie's cockpit as u can see on Sean screen-shot. But unfortunately Tump's little key pressing problem was not over yet and once more he took a swim and once again he made a big bang with the middle hill. Newbie only once more got shot, and also only once more shot Tump down.

I must say without my stupidity of pressing wrong buttons this fight was good. We were still strong opponents and a rematch is guaranteed! So final score 10-5 and without tumps little crashing it was 6-5. (6-4 if you remove my little suicide move) Also the picking on each other has now ended..... so other members, watch out cause were seeking new victims ;).


Wednesday 5th May 2004

Watercoolers of the world unite. OK a bit much but watercooling is becoming more and more of a main stream product. Today's processors just put out too much heat. Air cooling can cope but the resulting noise is forcing more and more consumers to look for alternatives. Well good news boys and girls. The latest UK watercooling specialists have relaunched with some new product ranges. still carry the sexy Aqua Computer gear but now also carry products from nexXxos, Cape and others. They have also launched a brand new forums to help newcomers and experts alike.


Tuesday 4th May 2004.

New flagship graphics card from ATI

For all you gaming fanatics reviews have appeared of ATI's latest flagship graphics card. The XT800 is their answer to Nvidia's Geforce 6800 but this one does not require extreme cooling, 2 secondary power inputs nor does it take a PCI slot. Looks like ATI is here to stay boys and girls. (and my 9800pro suddenly lost its shine.) read more HERE and in all the usual spots.

AMD out sell Intel.

That's right boys and girls the underdog is growing teeth. AMD take over.... Ok so its only in a week but still its a first. Personally I'm a big fan of AMD and have been using their processors for a number of years. The AMD 64 seems to have increased their share of the high end CPU market and competition is good for you and me the consumer. How long before we see Dell selling AMD systems ?? (OK so they will already build AMD systems for their corporate customers but not for the regular Joe.) read more HERE


Sunday 2nd May 2004

To all those who followed the Zanth91 saga unfold on the forums we offer an apology. This matter has now been resolved and we hope that it can be put behind us.


Thursday 29th April 2004

Today newbie killer got him PC back in action in readiness for the upcoming duel with Tump. BUT young Tump is nowhere to be seen. Has he chickened out ?? Has he come to his senses ?? Only time will tell.


Sunday 25th April 2004

Today is a sad day for all BF1942 players and gamers in general. A member of Arsclan (an American based bf1942 clan) Lone Wolf X1X died today at his own hands. We offer our sincere condolences to his family and friends and hope that it serves as a reminder to us all that there is another way. Condolences can be offered HERE


Sunday 18th April 2004


As a result of the trauma caused by AWOL's decision to leave BFA. Tump (aka Stump) recently declared his undying love for AWOL. Newbie Killer rightly pointed out that a relationship would never be possible resulting in Tump declaring his love for Newbie. Newbie Killers rejection proved too much for poor young Tump and he has asked for an opportunity to restore his honour. A duel has been proposed between these two BFA members. The Veteran and vastly superior pilot Newbie Killer V's the young upstart Tump in the skies over the pacific.

Certain destruction for young Tump you may think but past BFA member (and traitor) Mini (aka -M3lroid- ) (son of BFA member Molk) decided to back young Tump and launched a savage unprovoked attack on Newbies girlfriend. Will this result in the defeat of young Tump and Mini at the hands of Newbie, will it result in escalating friction within the ranks of BFA. Will older heads (aka Tumps mom and Molk) convince the youngsters of the futility of a fight with a clearly superior opponent !!! Stay tuned and read on HERE .


Monday 12th April 2004

BFA victorious against -=SOAR=-

Yesterday BFA emerged Victorious from their recent WAR with -=SOAR=-. A good fight and a surprising result on Coral Sea (We failed to sink then as axis).

For those interested our resident WAR correspondent Flemmy makes his report HERE


Saturday 10th April 2004

Request for help !!!!!!!!!!

We really need to do some work on the main site guys and Im pretty busy at the moment.

Have a look at my request for help HERE

This site belongs to all of us. Its the first thing visitors see so lets make it something to be proud of.


Tuesday 6th April 2004

Name change: Mini Bald has now reinvented himself as Archibald. The king is dead long live the king.

On a side note. Lex has been seen to beg for a shortened period as a recruit. Didn't anyone tell him about custom ranks ???? Speaking of which rumour has it that I'm in a good mood and removed Mini's (mini molk not mini bald) custom title. Now lets see can he play nice this time.


Monday 5th April 2004

Today is a sad day here at BFA. First Lex turns up, then I get to listen to Tump on IRC for 2 hours, and now AWOL has announced his decision to retire from BFA...... Yes its true AWOL is leaving us. He has decided that his "career" (does anyone actually know what he does for a living anyway) has to take priority over games for a while. Hopefully this is more a temporary leave of absence than a retirement and we shall see him return to the fold. In the mean time best of luck AWOL and all I got to say is you really need to look at your priorities in life.


Monday 5th April 2004

A stranger has appeared on the forums. Lex has found us (What I want to know is who gave him the URL ) and decided to apply for membership. Our exaulted leader had decreed that he be allowed to wear the coveted BFA-r tag. We look forward with interest to see if he survives the initiation period. Blood shall run red I tell ya... red.


Saturday 13th March 2004

Due to some comments regarding popularity contests (and Armless coming to his senses) we have decided to forego the democratic elections (this is after all and dictatorship) and Armless has decreed that the new moderators shall be Armless AWOL and Blue steel boy (aka Red Dawn) All bow to your new overlords.


Wednesday 10th March 2004

Looks like we have a new fully fledged member. OOR WULLIE our resident Scottish comedian had completed his initiaton rite and lost his -r. (someone mentioned a toilet brush and paint thinners but I think it was in jest ... Well I hope it was ..) Congrats OOr and welcome aboard.


Saturday 6th March 2004

Nominations are now in so lets the voting phase start. Three moderators need to be elected between now and next Saturday. Due to the fact that I was away and hence slow to grant permissions on forums I will extend the nomination deadline until Monday midnight. Any nominations received before then will be added to list. Anyone who wishes to make a private nomination can mail me at or pm me from the forums. All votes are private and confidential. I will be able to monitor IP addresses to ensure that each person votes only once.

On a side note: Could someone please make me a nice Admin Sig and avatar for the forums.. In return I can grant you a nice custom rank.


Saturday 28th Febuary 2004

The forums are now set up and should be working. Please register as soon as possible so I can setup you user privileges. (I am going away on Sunday afternoon and will not be back until late on Friday). We also need to elect 3 moderators and I have opened and thread for nominations. The closing date for Nominations is next Saturday and you will not be able to make a nomination unless you have member privileges...... REGISTER NOW........


Friday 27th Febuary 2004

Welcome to the Launch of Ver. 2.0 of Hosting transfer has been completed and we hope to the have the forums up and running ASAP. You will see some weirdness going on for a while as we attempt to iron out the bugs, play with the layout and generally get it up and running. I hope this will not affect your use of the site.


Thursday 26th Febuary 2004

Ok version 1 of isn't working too well. This site will be going down tomorrow to allow us to switch to a new host and hopefully then we will be in a position to provide you with working forums.

Please bear with us until we launch Ver.2

BFA Management