Our Members

-BFA Members-

101st Decalb (Our young American member)

Aigle (AKA "Wee Bassa". Another Yorkshire member)

Alcatraz (Escaped Alcatraz, now gone crazy in BFA)

Armless (Our Founding Father)

Aurrican (Swoop - you are dead)

BluesteelBoy (AKA Rd Dwn AKA deadly)

Bob (Our grenadier expert)

Cheesebeard (AKA "Cheesebeard The Strong", errr No Cheese)

Cyberwar (Finger on the trigger ready for carnage)

Cypher_00 (No he doesn't break codes)

Davido (Dangerous and Very Incredibly Deadly, Oooh-Yeah)

DeaconGameGuy (AKA "Deacon")

Dougal (Dougal is a very good pilot)


DR.ZoidbergkmCLAW (A name too large for BF to handle!)

Fire!!!! ( Take care when he is in the air)

General Hospital (Our Own Coffee Guru)

Honk (o_O What! A cat can play BF1942?)

JoeHeinz (Dishes out his own brand of ketchup)

KYA (Our prodigal member returned, deadly with AA)

+ LEX + (Superman's arch enemy).

Maximus (His name"Maximus Decimus Meridius...")

molk (Not our oldest member but not quite our youngest either)

Mukkyman (What no thumb)

Newbie Killer (AKA Knipex)

Pattex (Has a knack of getting out of sticky situations)

Pold (Devastating AA'er)


Seg [=//Seg=] (Mystery surrounds him)

SIR2 (Call him Sir)

Stanflex (Flexy Stan? Stan the Flex?)

St0n3r (AKA "Sgt." True to his name he's up in the clouds)

+ SUPERDUKE + (Hes Super, thanks for asking)

The Flemish Lion (aka. Flemmy aka Harley dude)

Tump (Head of Tump.Inc Movie Productions)

<WARRIOR>FURY (Beware of his fighting rage)


-BFA Recruits- (-r AKA "The wee 'r' ")

No recruits atm


-Honoured Ex-Members-

ArchiBald, AWOL, Baldrick, Black Smith, BlackViper, Bullshark, CELLULITESAL, Chris Haines,
Chris Taylor, Dude, FoolyCooly, freddy, [Gen]M3lroid, Goose, Hockey, Jackie, meatURmaker, monkee, Oh, No!, Old Man Wombat, OOGJE, OOR WULLIE, Phillip Tatalia, Phishead, Red Baron, Sean, see you jimmy, Sky Captain

- Ex Members -

Livevil, Xenian

BFA Management