The BFA Rules of Engagement

BFA Coral Sea 24/7

1. Only BFA Members* may wear the "BFA" tag with their player/forum name. Approved recruits** may wear the "BFA-r" tag with their player name (INSTANT BAN)

2. No Stationary Deckbombing - Do not abuse the Friendly-fire rule(when active) to drop stationary/slow moving/none take-off bombs on the opponents carrier (KICK)

3. Use of planes as transportation to go infantery on enemy ship (KICK)

4. No Bullying or Excessive use of foul language (KICK)

5. No Expack / Grenade spamming*** (KICK)

6. The use of cheat programs is not allowed (INSTANT BAN)

7. Returning Blank / Altered PunkBuster Screenshots (DEFERED FROM SERVER/INSTANT BAN)

8. Excessive use of Loop Bombing / Lame-High-Alt / Exploit Ship Damage (KICK)

9. Use of Exploits (INSTANT BAN)

10. Attempting to Bypass the BADNAME Filter (BANNED for a limited period)

11. Plane Parking / Team-Wounding / Team-Killing (KICK, BANNED in severe cases)

12. Repeating Offences (BANNED)

*BFA Member - A person who has been admitted as a member of the BFA by the BFA Council.

**Approved recruit - A person who has been admitted a trial period prior to BFA membership by the BFA council. Successful trials lead to a council decision for membership.
***Expack / Grenade / Nade Spamming - Using up all your ammo on Grenades/Expacks and then repeatedly returning to an ammo box to use them again).

Most of these are standard rules used on clan-servers, we also added some special rules for Coral Sea.

Play fair and have fun.

BFA Management